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Candidates for CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is an effective treatment that provides lasting results for those who make an effort to maintain their health and weight. If you are interested in Cool Sculpting Los Angeles, then you may want to continue reading, as you will learn about the types of people who are the best candidates for this procedure. At Sculpt DTLA, we’re known as…

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Recovery After Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser Skin Resurfacing Los Angeles If you are interested in attaining a more youthful and flawless look, then laser skin rejuvenation in Los Angeles may be the perfect treatment for you. At Sculpt DTLA, we offer laser resurfacing Los Angeles that is effective and long-lasting. If you’re interested in attaining a markedly more youthful complexion, our laser skin resurfacing treatment…

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Are Stretch Marks Genetic?

There are several factors that play into the chances of developing stretch marks, including genetic predispositions and rapid weight gain or loss. Genetic causes are not scientifically substantiated, but the evidence does seem to suggest that those who develop stretch marks have DNA that moves slower than others when repairing skin injuries. It is often true that those who develop…

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Is Acne Genetic?

We’ve all been there–you go to bed with clear skin and wake up with a couple of red marks pulsing on your face. This is frustrating for everyone, but there is hope with acne treatment. What is Acne? Acne vulgaris is a skin disease that is caused when hair follicles get clogged with grease and dead skin cells. When this…

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How Does Smoking Cause Wrinkles?

Our lifestyle and habits can influence how our skin looks as we get older. Smoking is a habit that is known to cause premature wrinkles. The carcinogens in cigarette smoke affect your skin. If you are a heavy smoker and have been doing so for a long time, your skin will eventually show skin damage that includes wrinkles. Your face…

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Botox for Brow Lift

Have you been considering Botox to help with smoothing wrinkles? At Sculpt DTLA, we have a safe, modern practice that is known as the best med spa Los Angeles. We can prove you with effective and state of the art facial injectables. If you are in need of facial injections for wrinkles, you’re in the right place. What is Involved…

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Melanoma and Liver Spots

Difference Between Melanoma and Liver Spots: As we age, we seem to develop all sorts of unappealing skin spots. Many of these are simply common, inevitable signs of aging, while others can be a concern. Any new darkened spot of the skin can raise some red flags. It is always best to check with your dermatologist if you notice anything…

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Laser Acne Treatment

Laser Acne Treatment When it comes to taking care of your skin, you should resist popping your pimples, as it can lead to scarring. Although it’s tempting, you should certainly avoid doing it. Below you will find reasons as to why you shouldn’t pop your pimples. Unnecessary Scarring: It gives you a permanent mark for a temporary issue. Where there…

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