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Laser Tattoo Removal Los Angeles

Laser Tattoo Removal Los Angeles

Effective Tattoo Removal Los Angeles

A change of mind is a normal thing in life. Sometimes you will need to remove a tattoo on your skin to enhance your beauty. The use of lasers is one of the best options to remove your tattoos and restore your beauty. The advanced technology of laser removal does a clean work in the most comfortable way ever.

Don’t let ink hide your beauty when you can use the laser to get it off. The laser tattoo removal has several advantages which include the following.

  • The process takes a little downtime to get the job done.
  • The technology gets rid of all ink while leaving the surrounding tissues untouched.
  • The use of lasers gives the best results when undertaken for several times.
  • The process is non-surgical

Our laser tattoo removal treatment in Los Angeles has proven to work for most skin tones.  Our tattoo removal procedure is unique and it’s tailored to satisfy your specific needs. The yellow, green and other fluorescent colors have proved to be very difficult to remove with other lasers due to their different spectrum absorption rates. This is no longer a problem with our state of the art machine, the Piqo4. It is the most power laser in its class on the market and is excellent at removing any colored tattoos as well as removing pigmented lesions of the skin for all skin tones

Candidates for Laser Tattoo Remover:
People with all skin types and tattoos that have dark ink at the superficial depth are the best candidates for this procedure. The fairly skinned people give the best results for laser tattoo removal as they selectively target the ink. Better looking results are achieved where the tattoo has a good circulation on the buttocks, chest, and arm.

The removal of tattoos at the dark areas of the skin is also possible although there are specific light wavelengths used to minimize the complication chances.

Most common side effects to the user of Laser Tattoo Remover:
Occasional side effects may include infections, scarring, hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation. For the dark-skinned patients, there are chances of experiencing incomplete pigment removal and post-procedural scarring.  You may encounter slight swellings, redness, blistering or bleeding for a few hours after the treatment. Also for the following weeks, the treated area may experience some peeling off, flaking and scabbing. In this time you should avoid public swimming pools and direct sun lights as much as possible. Other treatments can follow after the skin has fully healed.

The number of laser tattoo removal treatment in Los Angeles depends on the patient’s age, size, depth of pigment, type and size of the tattoo. With our Piqo4 laser, we use laser energy to break and disperse the pigment colors of your tattoo in the safest way possible. Feel free to call and visit us to receive the best tattoo removal by laser.

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