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Receive the Best Facial Injections for Wrinkles in Los Angeles

Effective Facial Injections for Wrinkles Los Angeles

Facial injections have given the cosmetic dermatology field a new perspective. You can now undertake any form of wrinkle treatment and facial rejuvenation without surgery. You can use the wrinkle fillers or Botox to improve the overall contour of your skin including tissue volume enhancements and reduction of face wrinkles as well.

Some of the most popular facial injections in Los Angeles include JUVÉDERM®, which impacts a long-lasting treatment through its exceptional composition. The injection comprises is a smooth gel that is made of cross-linked hyaluronic acid particles. When injected into fine lines, wrinkles, furrows, or sunken areas of the face, JUVÉDERM® replenishes the hyaluronic acid that has been absorbed into your body over time, helping you achieve a more youthful appearance.  Typically, Juvaderm lasts about 6 to 8 months.  The more frequently a filler is used, however, will result in incrementally longer duration of enhancement before another treatment needs to be done.

Botox is another cosmetic that can be used to eliminate the wrinkles and lines on the skin. The Botox cosmetic treatment has increased popularity among the people struggling with aging signs. Botox helps to relax the muscles on your skin that contracts to form lines and wrinkles. The Botox treatment is fast, and the treatment lasts about six months after which a retouch treatment can be done.

Our physician and nurses at Sculpt DTLA can help you achieve the natural, youthful look you want with an expert and judicious use of fillers and/or Botox. We have specialists in all kinds of skin treatments and facial injections in Los Angeles. Our doctors are well recognized for their wide experience and knowledge of facial injections in Los Angeles. Feel free to contact us every time you need a cosmetic dermatologist to help you discover your goals on facial goals and acquire more information about the cost of wrinkle treatments and skin fillers.

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